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Affordable, highly energy efficient watermakers for marine use. Custom filtration solutions for laboratory use and the industry.
Stiv marine watermakers come in compact and modular versions.

Sea Turtle Series

Sea Turtle watermaker series covers the flow rate range of 1.5-4.5 m3/day fresh water for use on bigger yachts, fishing vessels or as back up water maker of merchant ships.

Availavble in Compact and Modular version.

Sea Horse Series

Highly energy efficient waremakers for yachts, where the power is valuable resource. These models include linear energy recovery device, which reduces the power consumption.

Availavble in Compact and Modular version.


Development Announcement

STIV MARINE DIVISION has started devlopment of high energy efficient watermaker, especially purposed for small yachts. The model is using linear energy recovery device which allowed low power supply, either from battery ...